1. Choose from one of the following topics: Nursing during an epidemic, pandemic or natural disaster across the country or around the globe a. Social media influences on health or health care delivery b. The effect of the media on nursing image. How can nurses educate the public and help portray the true image of nursing? c. The prevalence and impact of substance abuse among nurses (impaired nursing) d. Impact of collective bargaining on the nursing profession e. Impact of workplace harassment and violence on the nursing profession f. You may select from ONE of the following technological advances and discuss its impact on patient outcomes: . Telehealth technology i. Health applications ii. Health-related/electronic wearables 2. PPT Presentation will have 8-10 slides, NOT including the title and reference slides. You will also need to include graphics to make your slides interesting. 3. You are to create bullet points for each slide, not including the title and reference slides. Include speaker notes for each slide by including 4-5 sentences to address the bulleted items on each slide. Please follow APA style and include citations in your speaker notes. 4. Including a minimum of 4-5 peer research articles as references in the presentation. All research articles needs to be within 5 years from today’s date. No blog, chat, other university or Wikipedia information allowed in presentation.  The PowerPoint presentation must follow APA style. 5. Describe in detail your plan for how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funding and support for your chosen current issue or trend. 6. Include the following elements in your presentation: . How will the topic impact your role as a nurse in nursing workforce or clinical setting? a. Current relevance of the topic b. How your topic is integrated and used in clinical practice 1. Open your PPT and go to “file” in top left corner. 2. Click “print” option. Make sure “print all slides” and “print slides with notes” is selected. 3. Go to “Save As” on the left hand side and be sure you save as a PDF. 4. Under your save as selection, click “more options”. Select the “Options” button and click the “Publish What” pull-down and then select “Notes Pages.” (If you click slides it will not show the speaker notes) 5. Click “OK.” 6. Complete your selection process by checking “Open file after publishing” and selecting the “Optimize for: ‘Standard’ and ‘Minimum Size’” choices.

Title: The Impact of Social Media on Health Care Delivery

In recent years, social media platforms have gained immense popularity, shaping various aspects of modern society, including health care delivery. With a growing number of people turning to social media for health information, professionals in the nursing field must recognize the impact of these platforms on the nursing image and public perception. This presentation aims to explore the influence of social media on health care delivery and discuss how nurses can educate the public and help portray the true image of nursing.

Slide 1: Introduction
– Title: “The Impact of Social Media on Health Care Delivery”
– Introduction to the topic of social media and its relevance in health care
– Mention the objectives of the presentation

Slide 2: Social Media and Health
– How social media has become a primary source of health information for many individuals
– Statistics on the percentage of people using social media for health-related purposes
– The potential benefits and drawbacks of relying on social media for health information

Slide 3: Influence on Nursing Image
– Discuss the effect of social media on the perception of nursing
– Explore how portrayals of nurses on social media can shape public opinion
– Identify common stereotypes and misconceptions about nursing perpetuated by social media

Slide 4: Educating the Public
– Strategies for nurses to use social media as a means of education
– Encouraging nurses to share accurate and evidence-based information
– Collaborating with reputable health organizations to improve the credibility of health information on social media platforms

Slide 5: Portraying the True Image of Nursing
– Ways in which nurses can actively combat negative portrayals through social media
– Sharing personal stories and experiences to humanize the nursing profession
– Utilizing social media to showcase the diverse roles and expertise of nurses

Slide 6: Ethical Considerations
– The importance of maintaining professionalism and adhering to ethical standards on social media
– Addressing potential conflicts of interest when sharing information online
– Respecting patient privacy and confidentiality in the digital age

Slide 7: Integrating Social Media in Clinical Practice
– Examples of how social media can be integrated into nursing practice
– Discuss the use of social media for professional networking and collaboration
– Utilizing social media platforms as a tool for patient education and engagement

Slide 8: Conclusion
– Summary of the key points discussed in the presentation
– Emphasize the need for nurses to actively engage with social media to shape the nursing image
– Encourage continued education and awareness of social media trends in health care

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