1. Students must post one interesting case that he/she has seen in the clinical setting via Discussion Board in the online part of this course. The case should be an unusual diagnosis, or a complex case that required in-depth evaluation on the student’s part. The case should be posted in the SOAP format, with references for the patient diagnosis, differential diagnoses (there should be at least 3), and the treatment plan. Notes will be graded as “pass/fail”. In order to receive grade points for SOAP notes, the notes must be approved by the deadlines specified on the course assignments page. The student will lose the opportunity for points on any SOAP notes not approved by the specified deadlines. The posting does not have to be written in APA format, but should be written with correct spelling and grammar. References should be in APA format. The selected references should reflect current evidence – dated within the past 5 years. The SOAP note will be submitted through Blackboard. The focus of the presentation must reflect the learning objectives of the course and drawn from the current clinical setting of the student practice site. The evaluation of the presentation is based on the following: Chief Complaint & pertinent history 10 Pertinent exam and diagnostics 10 Working diagnosis with supporting   criteria 5 Management plan 5 Epidemiological data – cited from   literature 10 Evidenced based rationale for treatment   (literature based) 10 Analysis of self-care and family issues   r/t diagnosis and treatment plan 20 Evaluation parameters to be used (or were   used) to determine outcomes 10 Identify major “lessons   learned” and how it may affect your future practice 20 Total 100

The assignment requires students to post one interesting case from their clinical setting on the Discussion Board in the online part of the course. The case should either be an unusual diagnosis or a complex case that required thorough evaluation. The case must be presented in the SOAP format, which stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. The SOAP note should include references for the patient’s diagnosis, at least three differential diagnoses, and the treatment plan. The notes will be graded as “pass/fail” and must be approved by specific deadlines to receive grade points.

While the posting does not have to follow APA format, it should be written with correct spelling and grammar. The references, on the other hand, should be in APA format and reflect current evidence within the past five years. The selected case should align with the course’s learning objectives and be based on the student’s current clinical practice site.

The evaluation of the SOAP note will be based on various criteria. Firstly, the chief complaint and pertinent history will be assessed, carrying a weight of 10 points. The inclusion of relevant examination findings and diagnostic tests will also be worth 10 points. The working diagnosis and its supporting criteria will account for 5 points. Additionally, the management plan, the citation of epidemiological data from the literature, and the evidence-based rationale for treatment (based on the literature) will each be evaluated and weighted at 5 points.

Furthermore, the analysis of self-care and family issues related to the diagnosis and treatment plan will carry a weight of 20 points. This portion of the evaluation requires students to consider the impact of their chosen case on patients’ and family members’ lives and explore any relevant challenges or support mechanisms.

The next criterion, worth 10 points, focuses on the evaluation parameters used or that should have been used to determine the outcomes of the treatment plan. Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of appropriate measures and metrics to assess treatment effectiveness.

In addition, students must identify the major “lessons learned” from the case and how it may affect their future practice. This portion of the evaluation carries the highest weight, accounting for 20 points. It requires students to reflect on the case, the knowledge gained from it, and how it will shape their clinical practice moving forward.

In total, the assignment is worth 100 points. It assesses students’ ability to present a case in the SOAP format, incorporate current evidence into their diagnoses and treatment plans, analyze the impact on patients and families, evaluate treatment outcomes, and reflect on their learning to improve future practice.