Abnormal Behaviors from Psychology answered.

Abnormal Behaviors from psychology


Abnormal behavior is any event that is considered deviant, inappropriate, and/or unnecessary, especially considering the circumstances. In other words, it is anything that can disrupt normal everyday activities and cause stress and worry. When handled by the wrong person or in an incorrect way this could lead to a not so pleasant outcome; or conversely, a very positive one if handled correctly. We have trained personnel here at Happylife Psychology who are ready and willing to help you with your abnormal behaviors. If you have something specific you wish to discuss like getting in touch with a certain emotion or feeling, finding out about plagiarism, or strategies for learning and computer assignments for students

In psychology, abnormal behaviors are behaviors that deviate from what is considered normal for the species, gender, culture and age of the individual. Abnormal behaviors are usually associated with a diagnosis of mental disorder or disorder in a medical sense. In addition to the component of abnormality, that is deviation from social norms, there is a normative component – underlying assumptions about what is normal are used when deciding what is abnormal.

Psychology is now a common subject in many secondary schools. As the title shows, it addresses the study of the human mind on a biological basis and not on the basis of soul. We will look at abnormal behaviors because everything that happens to us is not considered as normal. In short, Abnormal Behaviors are unusual but are not considered mad to the point of losing your mind or having no control over it.

Abnormal behaviors happen when the person is not behaving in the society normally. He is behaving abnormally for which he may be judged as a mentally ill person. This can cause many problems to him & to others also.

There are many behaviors that are normal and some that are not. Characteristics of an abnormal behavior are: a fixation, limited interests and impulsive actions. The behaviors that have these characteristics will be discussed in this chapter.

Probably every single person on this planet suffers from the problems that are considered to be abnormal by the modern society, whether it’s a disease such as cancer or heart trouble, inability to resolve difficulties in relationships, or something completely different.


Abnormal Behaviors from psychology

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