Adolescent depression

Answer: Adolescent depression


Adolescent depression

Adolescent depression has risen to be a public concern in many places around the world. In American society, for instance, black teens have shown alarmingly high levels of depression levels. Analysts indicate that if the concern is left untreated, it would lead to an escalation in the numbers of blacks suffering from different mental disorders. Adolescent depression.
Black teens in a large way may feel out of place more so if they are subjects of racism. They may suffer from low self-esteem levels and consequently get depressed (Glasper, 2013). Also, disadvantaged teens living in areas where safety levels are low may suffer physical abuse. Such teens may later become depressed as well. Such teens may also get involved in elevated levels of substance abuse, poverty, and violence. The problem of depression among teens has also risen due to issues of parenting where teenagers are not well taken care of by their parents. As a result, they tend to suffer from neglect that leads to depression. Adolescent depression
Lack of proper social support has in a large way led to depression amongst black teens. Considering the fact that huge populations of blacks may lack basic social services such as counseling, teen depression is certainly likely to be high (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Historical adversity also has led to depression amongst black teens. Factors like slavery may weigh in heavily on the lives of these teens as well. While such vices may have happened many centuries ago, these teens may still not be at peace with atrocities their forefathers suffered. Such historical injustices might affect the growth of individuals and negatively impact on their lives as teenagers. Lack of a proper support system among most American teens is also a major issue that can lead to depression and cause increased harm to the teenage population.
While there are many state agencies working hard to address this vice, a lot still needs to be addressed. High depression levels are highly consequential as victims at times have displayed dangerous behaviors. For instance, some depressed teens have opened gun fires killing dozens of innocent people every year. Also, vices like drug abuse amongst black teens can only be addressed if depressed individuals are assisted to recover. Adolescent depression






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As a community of practice your task for this week is to collaborate with professionals across the health care system and with your community of practice in the discussion in order to find a gap in care or social determinant that often results in poor health care outcomes. You will begin to take the lead in advocating for and collaborating with others to improve the health care outcomes for populations at risk. Adolescent depression

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