(CINAHL& Medline Search & APA Citation) – Objective:  Identify appropriate methods of utilizing selected library database systems. The purpose of the library assignment is (1) to learn to use CINAHL & Medline and (2) to become familiar with APA citation format. You will visit the CFK Library to learn to use CINAHL and Medline databases.  CINAHL is the acronym for .  It is designed specifically to meet the information needs of nurses and allied health professionals. Go to the CFK Library’s homepage to access the electronic version of CINAHL or Medline: For this assignment, you are required to: Grading Criteria ___/50  Conduct CINAHL Search. ___/10 Grammar, sentence structure, spelling. ___/10 Include 4 references that meet the currency and page limit criteria. ___/30 Write a paper that includes an introduction as to why you chose your topic of interest. The body of the paper should include a brief summary of each of the articles you chose. Conclude with a summary to end the paper. APA format must be correctly used for the citations in your paper. You must use at least one ___/10  APA Citations (Reference page) ___/2 Alphabetical ___/2 Correct sequence and format (author, date, article title, journal title,                                                volume, number, page) ___/2 Journal title italicized ___/2 Capitalize only the first word of the and of the ___/2 Correct format (parentheses, commas, etc.) Examples:  Sample paper can be found at the Owl at Purdue website or use the APA 7th edition  manual (ask the library staff for assistance). PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS GRAMMAR AND SPELL CHECK ! NO PLAGIARISM

Utilizing CINAHL and Medline Databases for Research Purposes


CINAHL and Medline are two widely used library database systems that offer a wealth of information for researchers in the fields of nursing and allied health. The objective of this assignment is to learn how to effectively use these databases and become familiar with the APA citation format. In order to complete this assignment, you will need to conduct a CINAHL search, write a paper summarizing your findings, and correctly format APA citations.

Conducting a CINAHL Search

CINAHL, which stands for Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, is a comprehensive database that focuses on literature related to nursing, allied health professions, biomedicine, alternative and complementary medicine, and healthcare administration. Access to the electronic version of CINAHL can be found on the CFK Library’s homepage.

To conduct a CINAHL search, it is important to start by formulating a research question or identifying a topic of interest. This will help guide your search and ensure that you find relevant and useful articles. You can start by using general keywords or phrases related to your topic and then refine your search based on the results. It may also be helpful to use Boolean operators, such as “AND” or “OR,” to combine or exclude certain terms in your search.

Once you have identified relevant articles, it is important to carefully read and evaluate them. Look for articles that are current, authoritative, and peer-reviewed. Pay attention to the study design, methods, and findings presented in the articles. Take notes on key points and findings that you can include in your paper.

Writing a Paper with APA Citations

Now that you have conducted your CINAHL search and identified relevant articles, it’s time to write a paper summarizing your findings. Your paper should follow the APA citation format, which includes specific guidelines for in-text citations and the reference page.

In the introduction of your paper, explain why you chose your topic of interest and provide some background information. This will help set the context for your research and inform your readers of the importance of your topic.

The body of your paper should include a brief summary of each of the articles you chose. Start by providing the citation for each article, following the APA format. Then, provide a concise summary of the article’s main points, methodology, and findings. Be sure to use your own words and avoid copying directly from the article. Remember to include proper in-text citations when referencing the articles within your paper.

In the conclusion of your paper, summarize the main findings from all the articles and discuss their implications for your topic of interest. Highlight any gaps in the research or areas that require further exploration. End your paper with a strong conclusion that ties everything together and emphasizes the importance of the research.

APA Citations

The reference page of your paper should include the full APA citations for the articles you used in your research. The citations should be listed in alphabetical order, following the correct sequence and format: author, date, article title, journal title, volume, number, and page. The journal title should be italicized, and only the first letter of the title and subtitle should be capitalized. Use parentheses, commas, and other punctuation marks correctly as specified in APA guidelines.

For assistance with APA citations, you can refer to the sample paper available on the Owl at Purdue website or consult the APA 7th edition manual. Be sure to verify the accuracy and correctness of your citations, as errors in citation format can lead to point deductions in your assignment.


Utilizing library database systems like CINAHL and Medline can greatly enhance the quality and depth of research in the fields of nursing and allied health. By becoming proficient in conducting searches and correctly formatting APA citations, you can effectively navigate these databases and produce well-written research papers. Remember to follow the given instructions, check for grammar and spelling errors, and avoid plagiarism.