COM-222: Small Group Communication.


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Com-222: small group communication course examines the principles and processes of small groups and the development of skills for participation and leadership in small group settings, as well as practice in problem-solving, decision making, critical reasoning, and information sharing.


What is small group communication?

Small group communication refers to communication that occurs within groups of three to 15 people. Small group communication may take many forms, depending on the purpose of the group. Some small groups exist for a specific purpose while others form to tackle complex issues.

COM-222: Small Group Communication

Generally, an organizer arranges a small group for a specific purpose. This small group usually contains people with common interests or goals. Thus, the purpose of a group usually determines the size of the group. In a small group, each group member brings her own wealth of knowledge and connects with other members in different ways. These complex connections thus add to the perspectives of group members and can enrich the group dialogue. As the number of group members increases, the complexity of the dialogue increases too. This can work as an advantage in small groups but can also disadvantage others.


Advantages of small group communications.

1.      Brainstorming.

Brainstorming is a form of communication that is created to aid friends to create ideas. This process involves the initial development of numerous ideas. Afterward, the group members then examine these ideas and determine which mostly align with their goals and objectives. Most importantly, in order for brainstorming in a small group to be effective, group associates should not modify themselves or even his or her friends and let particular no cost move associated with creative imagination.

2.      Details discussing.

This involves associates of a small group expressing data and getting associates that are inside the group to teach other associates in order to study from other associates. These little groups express data, they will do distinct dialogue designs based on the matter associated with dialogue.

3.      Difficulty handling.

Every time a little group participates in difficulty handling, it takes to achieve a determination with regards to a distinct problem. With these times, associates from the group outline the condition, discover along with examining achievable solutions, and pick the ideal solutions for the difficulty. Some of the conditions that such communication may possibly handle usually are the reason for the condition; the consequences which the difficulty may possibly build along with how long the condition possesses existed.

4.      Groupthink.

Groupthink can be a form of little group communication difficulty that occurs while associates from the group feel urged to be able to acknowledge together. When such a communication comes about, associates from the group usually are therefore interested in staying cohesive which stops creative imagination along will not be able to help make the most beneficial decisions. Signs associated with groupthink incorporate while group associates usually are informed which dissent isn’t going to be allowed, while group associates are afraid to express ideas along with continuing being peaceful then when a group member is afraid of the particular group’s leader.

5.      Many sides.

A group with associates of numerous sides often faces numerous toughness in communication. Every member provides talents, disadvantages along with distinctive ordeals towards the group. Moreover, having feedback via each and every group member induces communication concerning numerous issues with a problem or even predicament. On the other hand, somebody should depend only on her behalf knowledge along with plus points, friends benefit from the particular combined almost all associates talents. This specific variety associated with knowledge along with sides enables the particular group to be able to communicate properly along and achieve the group’s goals and objectives.

6.      Control.

A number individual usually takes a leadership position in small groups. Typically, a number of group leaders arise a single person who brings the particular group socially then one who brings associates with distinct tasks. The group leader makes it possible for strong group conversation by powering dialogue.

7.      Distinctive communicative position.

Every group member works in a unique position which makes it possible for the entire group communicates.

8.      Responsibility.

After brainstorming along with suggesting ideas, group associates work together to achieve consensus.

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