Each week you will be expected to provide the following information to your community practice instructor through your journal entries: 1. What are your upcoming week’s specific learning goals and objectives? 2. What is your upcoming week’s detailed schedule at your community practice experience placement? 3. Were there any placement items/issues that occurred this week that you feel your instructor should be aware of that are private in nature and are more appropriately shared here than in the discussion board with your classmates? 4. Give a brief description of an objective you worked on this week. Make sure to cite at least one reference showing how your objective relates to the public health knowledge you’ve studied during this course or the public health course. You may choose to reference your e-text, journal articles, or videos you’ve studied during these courses or you may find an outside reference on your own to further enhance your public health knowledge and practices. Remember, your journal entries are an important aspect of clinical learning as they serve to help you reflect upon and get the most out of your community practice experience. Therefore, your journal entry should include the who, what, where, and when of your community practice experience. Remember, this should simulate a dialogue that would normally take place face-to-face with your community practice experience instructor. It needs to be related to a nursing home and activities with geriatrics! No APA format. Please. Just regular format.

Journal Entry Week 1

1. Learning Goals and Objectives:
For this upcoming week, my specific learning goals and objectives are to gain a deeper understanding of the unique healthcare needs of geriatric patients in a nursing home setting. I aim to improve my skills in providing holistic care to the elderly population, assessing their physical and mental health, developing care plans, and implementing interventions to enhance their overall well-being. Furthermore, I hope to enhance my knowledge of public health principles and how they apply to the geriatric population.

2. Detailed Schedule at Community Practice Experience Placement:
During this week, I will be attending my community practice experience placement at Maplewood Nursing Home from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. My schedule will include different activities and responsibilities throughout each day to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Some of the activities include attending interdisciplinary team meetings, shadowing experienced nurses during patient assessments, participating in care plan development and implementation, assisting with medication administration, and engaging in health promotion activities for the geriatric residents.

3. Placement Items/Issues of Private Nature:
During this week, there were no placement items or issues of a private nature that occurred. However, if any arise in the future, I will make sure to communicate them privately with my community practice instructor rather than discussing them openly in the discussion board with my classmates, in order to maintain confidentiality.

4. Objective Worked On:
One of the objectives I worked on this week was to assess the risk of falls among the geriatric population in the nursing home and develop interventions to mitigate this risk. Falls are a significant concern for older adults, as they can lead to serious injuries and complications. To accomplish this objective, I conducted a literature review to explore the impact of falls on the geriatric population and the effective strategies to prevent falls in nursing home settings.

Through my research, I found an article by Tinetti et al. (2008) titled “Preventing Falls in Elderly Persons” published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This article provided valuable insights into the multifactorial nature of falls and highlighted the importance of incorporating comprehensive assessment tools, along with evidence-based interventions, to reduce the risk of falls in older adults.

Based on the knowledge gained from this article and my understanding of public health principles, I developed a falls prevention program tailored specifically for the residents at Maplewood Nursing Home. This program includes regular assessments of balance and gait, implementation of exercise programs to improve strength and balance, modification of the physical environment to reduce hazards, and education initiatives to enhance awareness about fall prevention among both staff and residents.

Overall, this objective helped me integrate the public health knowledge I have acquired during this course and identify practical strategies to promote the health and safety of geriatric patients in the nursing home setting. These efforts align with the principles of public health, which emphasize prevention and the promotion of well-being at the population level.

In conclusion, this week’s journal entry highlights my upcoming learning goals and objectives, provides an overview of my detailed schedule at the community practice experience placement, addresses any private placement items/issues that may have arisen, and describes an objective I worked on related to the public health knowledge studied during this course. With the aim of simulating a face-to-face dialogue with my community practice experience instructor, this journal entry serves as a reflective tool to support my clinical learning and maximize the benefits of my experience in a nursing home with geriatric patients.