For this assessment, you will create a personal FlexPath Prep Plan. Remember that this plan is truly for . Creating it will help you: · Recognize the knowledge, skills, and strengths you bring to your FlexPath experience. · Think about what you may need to change to succeed in FlexPath. · Create a realistic plan for fitting FlexPath course work into your life. · Prepare for your first meeting with your FlexPath coach. · Begin your first academic course feeling prepared. For each question below, think about what you know about yourself and consider what you have learned in orientation. Use this document and fill in the spaces. Answer each question as completely as possible, using complete sentences. You should be able to write at least 3–4 well-constructed sentences for each bullet point. · Now that you have been through FlexPath orientation, what seems new and different about the FlexPath model, and what adjustments will you need to make to be successful in this model? Are there things about the FlexPath model that may be a challenge for you, or that make you apprehensive? · How will you schedule time in your already-busy life to complete the assessments and be successful in FlexPath? What things might possibly interfere with your schedule and how will you address them? · What skills, knowledge, and strengths do you feel you bring to the FlexPath program? How can use your skills, knowledge, and strengths to be successful in FlexPath? · What was the most important factor (cost savings, time to completion, self-directed) in your decision to enroll in FlexPath? o How will that factor help you stay on track? · How will you use each of the resources below to help you be successful in your FlexPath courses? o FlexPath Coach. o FlexPath Faculty o Capella Writing Center. o Capella University Library. o Progress Tracker. o Academic Plan. o Campus. · What questions would you like to discuss with your FlexPath Coach during your first call? o Examples: § Subscription billing. § Planning courses. § Transfer credit. § Financial aid (or other types of tuition assistance). § Academic engagement. § Assessment feedback and resubmission. § Research and writing skills. § Taking time off. § Other. When you have completed this assessment, save it as a Word document following the naming conventions listed in the assessment area in the courseroom. Attach the document to the assessment box and submit.

Personal FlexPath Prep Plan

The FlexPath model offers a unique and flexible approach to learning, which may necessitate some adjustments for me to succeed. One aspect of FlexPath that stands out to me is the self-paced nature of the program. Unlike traditional programs with fixed deadlines, FlexPath allows students to progress at their own pace, which will require me to be highly self-disciplined and motivated. Additionally, the competency-based assessment structure is different from the traditional grading system. Instead of receiving letter grades, I will need to demonstrate mastery of specific competencies in order to pass the courses. This shift will challenge me to focus on acquiring and applying knowledge rather than solely earning grades.

With regard to scheduling, I will need to carefully manage my already-busy life to make time for completing assessments and succeeding in FlexPath. One potential interference is the competing demands of work, family, and personal commitments. To address this, I plan to create a detailed schedule that includes dedicated time slots for studying and completing assessments. I will also communicate my commitments and FlexPath requirements to my family and work colleagues, seeking their support and understanding. Moreover, I will be proactive in identifying potential conflicts ahead of time and finding strategies to mitigate them, such as delegating tasks or prioritizing my responsibilities.

In terms of the skills, knowledge, and strengths I bring to the FlexPath program, I believe my prior educational and professional experiences have equipped me with a strong foundation. I have developed excellent time management skills, critical thinking abilities, and strong written and verbal communication skills. These competencies will be invaluable in navigating the self-paced and competency-based nature of FlexPath. Additionally, my experience in research and analysis will enable me to effectively engage with course materials and complete assessments that require independent thinking and problem-solving.

One of the most important factors that influenced my decision to enroll in FlexPath was the cost savings it offers compared to a traditional program. By eliminating the need for classes that do not align with my prior knowledge and skills, FlexPath enables me to save both time and money. This factor will motivate me to stay on track and complete my program in a timely manner. Knowing that each competency I master brings me closer to graduation will help me stay focused and dedicated throughout my FlexPath journey.

To leverage the resources available to me, I plan to regularly engage with my FlexPath Coach. This individual will provide guidance and support, helping me navigate the program and address any challenges or concerns that may arise. I will also utilize the expertise of the FlexPath Faculty, as they can provide insights and assist me in acquiring the necessary competencies. Additionally, the Capella Writing Center and Capella University Library will be valuable resources for refining my research, writing, and academic skills. The Progress Tracker and Academic Plan will help me monitor my progress and keep me on track towards my goals. Finally, the Campus platform will facilitate communication and collaboration with my peers and instructors, enabling me to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange knowledge and ideas.

During my first call with my FlexPath Coach, I would like to discuss several topics. Firstly, I would seek clarification on the subscription billing process, ensuring that I understand the payment structure and any associated policies. Secondly, I would like to discuss how to effectively plan my courses and navigate any transfer credit options that may be available to me. Thirdly, I would like to explore the different types of financial aid or tuition assistance available and determine if I am eligible for any of them. Lastly, I would like to receive guidance on how to enhance my academic engagement, such as strategies for receiving assessment feedback and resubmitting assignments, as well as ways to improve my research and writing skills.

Overall, this personal FlexPath Prep Plan will help me recognize my strengths, identify potential challenges, and create a realistic plan for success in the FlexPath program. It will also prepare me for my first meeting with my FlexPath Coach and ensure that I start my academic course feeling prepared and confident.