Introduction to NURS 3150 Foundations of Nursing Research.

Nurses are required to comprehend and perform research. Evidence-based practice is described as the use of the best clinical evidence in making patient care choices, and such evidence often originates from research undertaken by nurses and other health care professionals. In short, studying NURS 3150 FOUNDATIONS OF NURSING RESEARCH course equips the nursing student with the knowledge of performing successful research thus providing better nursing care.



By the completion of this NURS 3150 FOUNDATIONS OF NURSING RESEARCH lecture, students should be able to:

  1. Define research and nursing research; and
  2. Examine the role of the nurse in research involvement.
  3. To enlist the research process.
  4. To understand the significance of research.
  5. Discuss historical trends or the history of Nursing Research.
  6. Review of research methodologies “Qualitative, Quantitative, and Outcomes” Discussion of high-priority topics for nurse researchers

What is a Nursing Research?

Nursing research is defined as research that generates evidence to support nursing practices. Nursing has evolved as an evidence-based field of practice from the time of Florence Nightingale to the present, with many nurses today working as researchers in universities as well as in the health care sector.

Therefore, we can summarize nursing research as a practice that advances knowledge about health and the promotion of health across the lifespan, as well as the care of people with health issues and disabilities, and nursing activities to improve people’s capacity to respond effectively to present or anticipated health problems.

Difference between nursing research and scientific method.

Scientific methods are characterized as regulated, methodical inquiries based on objective reality with the goal of developing broad knowledge about natural processes whereas a nursing research refers to the process of generating evidence so as to support nursing practices.

What is the Purpose of NURS 3150 Foundations of Nursing Research?

Nurses can use research to:

  • Describe the features of a specific nursing setting about which little is known. Nurses, for example, face work-related stress.
  • Explain phenomena that must be taken into account while planning nursing care. Nurses working idea, NPR, Teamwork, nursing care/notions of Psychiatric, Paediatric, and OBG clients, Waterbirth, for example.
  • Predict the likely consequence of particular nursing decisions made in connection to client care. For example, in the case of oral care, lemon, salt, and chlorhexidine can be used.
  • Limit the occurrence of unfavorable client results. Active and passive exercise, for example, can prevent or regulate muscle dystrophy.
  • Begin activities that will result in desired client behavior with a reasonable degree of certainty. As an example, good or improved intellectual property rights (IPR) results. Client behavior that is good or better.


Importance of NURS 3150 Foundations of Nursing Research in Nursing Practice.

There are several benefits of nursing research to the healthcare sector especially nursing practice. Nursing research can contribute to the following goals in nursing practice:

  • Building and expanding the corpus of nursing knowledge,
  • Validating and refining existing nursing practice,
  • Making health care efficient and cost-effective.
  • To create, enhance, and expand the scientific knowledge foundation essential for high-quality nursing care, education, and administration.
  • To broaden one’s professional understanding of nursing.
  • To lay the groundwork for EBN procedures.
  • To aid in the extension of knowledge, which is necessary for the continuous growth of the nursing profession.
  • To strengthen their professional identity, as research is an important component of every career.
  • To define nursing parameters, which will assist nurses in identifying the boundaries of the nursing profession.
  • To Refine and eliminate old knowledge so that it helps in the elimination of nursing actions that have no effect on the achievement of desired client outcomes.

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