From the many disparate systems that comprise an HMIS

From the many disparate systems that comprise an HMIS


Many organizations have turned to technology in recent years to help them manage their operations more effectively. It has aided in the pace with which patients are examined, as well as allowing clinicians to study their medical information and medications. Unfortunately, technology is not perfect, but groups have been working to make it more secure for everyone who uses the program. Ehealth apps are one type of technology that health care institutions are working to enhance. It addresses a wide range of issues, including “telemedicine, electronic records, recruiting, going paperless, procurement, healthcare score cards, audits, information systems, and so on” (Svensson, 2002, para. 2).

Some issues with utilizing technology are incompatibility with computers which can affect patients when dealing with different medical facilities, security of patient information, and it is a lot harder to conduct efficient exams without being in person to analyze a patient (Svensson, 2002).

From the many disparate systems that comprise an HMIS

To handle each issue, managers and HMIS developers should first ensure that the applications are compatible with all computers, which will assist to reduce or eliminate the transferring problem that hospitals face. Another approach would be for managers and HMIS developers to investigate what rules are in place in order to enhance the applications while also making them safer from hackers. When patients want an exam, the last thing that managers should do is send them to an outpatient facility since it is less expensive and faster for the patients. Perhaps HMIS developers should add in the app where outpatient facilities are situated and what they are, so patients have a better knowledge of what it is and what it is not.


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Question: HCA 360 Topic 1 DQ 1

From the many disparate systems that comprise an HMIS (clinical, management, strategic decision support, eHealth applications, etc.), choose one and identify three technology-based issues that might arise within that system. Discuss how managers could collaborate with HMIS developers to address each issue. Cite at least one reference in your response.

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