HCA 360 Week 8 Benchmark Electronic Health Records Pitch

HCA 360 Week 8 Benchmark, Electronic Health Records Pitch


HCA 360 Week 8 Benchmark, Electronic Health Records Pitch

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In today’s world, there is an urgent need for electronic record keeping in the health care industry. Electronic health records (EHR) have seen a great improvement in recent years. The medical industry has now started to embrace the world of modern technology, and EHR has become an integral part of the health care system. This change has made the work of medical practitioners easier and more efficient.


EHR is a concept where the patient’s medical records are maintained on a computer. This concept has made it easier for professionals to maintain and share information about patients with each other in a convenient manner. EHR also helps in improving the quality of services that are provided to patients by reducing errors and making the process simpler and faster. It also helps in providing accurate information about a patient’s medical condition, thereby helping doctors make better decisions regarding treatment options for specific patients.


There are many advantages of EHR over traditional methods of record keeping. One advantage is that EHR is helpful in decreasing costs associated with paper records. The cost of maintaining paper records can be quite high for health care providers. By moving with time, it can be helpful for providers to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses associated with paper records. Another advantage is that EHR


HCA 360 Week 8 Benchmark, Electronic Health Records Pitch

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