HCA-540: Health Care Research Methods, Analysis, and Utilization.


HCA-540: Health care research methods, analysis, and utilization course focus on the critical analysis of health care research and its application to the administration and delivery of health care services. Emphasis is placed on strategies to access current and relevant data, synthesize the information, and translate new knowledge into practice. Learners are introduced to concepts of measurement, reliability, and validity, as well as ethical issues in the design and conduct of research through an evaluative process of health care initiatives and projects.

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What is research?

Research is the process of discovering new knowledge which can be either the development of new concepts or the advancement of existing knowledge and theories, leading to a new understanding that was now formerly known. In other words, research can be defined as a systematic process of gathering and analysis of information designed to contribute to generalizable knowledge. Most importantly, research uses the scientific method or process to build its databank. The Scientific Process involves the following steps:

  1. Identifying a problem
  2. Clarifying the problem
  3. Determining what data would help solve the problem
  4. Organizing the data, and
  5. Interpreting the results

The main purpose of carrying out research is to find new ways to understand the world and how things work in order to improve our lives. However, different forms of research have different purposes. The following are the main purposes of the three main forms of research:

1.      Exploratory.

This form of research is conducted around a problem that has not yet been clearly defined. Thus, it aims to gain a better understanding of the exact nature of the issue and not to provide a conclusive solution to the problem itself.

2.      Descriptive.

This form of research expands on the knowledge of a research problem by describing it according to its characteristics and population.

3.      Explanatory.

This form of research is also known as casual research. It aims to determine how variables interact. Additionally, it deals with the “why” of research questions thus it is regularly based on experiments.

Characteristics of research.

The following are the 8 core characteristics of research:

  • Empirical
  • Logical
  • Cyclic.
  • Controlled.
  • Hypothesis-based.
  • Analytical.
  • Objective.
  • Statistical treatment.

Health care research methods.

There are two major research methods namely:

  1. Qualitative research.
  2. Quantitative research.

Qualitative research.

Qualitative research is a research method that allows non-numerical data collection through open-ended methods such as interviews, case studies, and focus groups. Additionally, it enables researchers to collect information on personal experiences, feelings, or behaviors, as well as the motive behind them.

Quantitative research.

Quantitative research is a research method that collects and analyses numerical data through statistical analysis. It enables us to quantify variables, uncover relationships, and make generalizations across a larger population.

What is Health care research analytics?

Healthcare analytics is a process of analyzing current and historical industry data to predict trends, improve outreach, and even better manage the spread of diseases. This field reveals paths to improvement in patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and business management. In combination with data visualization tools, healthcare analytics assists managers to operate better by providing real-time information that can support decisions and deliver actionable insights. Moreover, deploying a healthcare analytics suite can assist healthcare providers to leverage data for insights in several areas of operations. It is also used to optimize efforts in the management of hospital and foundation donations and grants.

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What is health care research utilization?

Health Care Utilization is the quantification/description of the utilization of services by persons for the purpose of preventing and curing health problems, promoting maintenance of health and well-being, or gaining information about one’s health status and prognosis.

Factors influencing health care utilization.

The following are the major determinants of health-care utilization:

  • Poverty.
  • Geographic location.
  • Race and ethnicity.
  • Sex.
  • Age.
  • The language spoken, and
  • Disability status.

Major barriers to health services.

The main barriers to healthcare services utilization include:

  1. The high cost of care.
  2. Inadequate or no insurance coverage.
  3. Lack of availability of services.
  4. Lack of culturally competent care.



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