Imagine that you are a senior consultant at Practical Health Care Consulting firm. Your supervisor has instructed you to spend three (3) months at the Caring Angel Hospital to help improve the quality of care, add value to the organization, improve employee morale, design an efficient organizational chart, create a strong team environment, and create the hospital’s competitive advantage. The hospital has traditionally made losses year after year. Furthermore, it is not performing well financially, and the banks are not willing to lend it large sums of money for more effective marketing. After spending two (2) months within the hospital, you are very happy with your progress, and you think you are capable of acquiring more patient base and expanding the hospital market. However, with a closer look, you notice that your patients are still hopping from one specialized hospital to another in search of various specialized treatments. You also notice that the seats are not comfortable in the waiting area, and the patients continuously show up for appointments on the wrong dates. The nurses and the employees are not smiling during patient conversations, and everyone looks for ways to blame others for failures in the patient treatment process. Everyone seems to work alone and hide what they do from their colleagues. At the end of the three (3) month period, you must provide a report with your recommended strategies designed to help Caring Angel Hospital achieve its goals. : You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: From a consulting perspective, propose the major steps that Caring Angel Hospital could take to achieve each of the following goals: Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

From a consulting perspective, there are several steps that Caring Angel Hospital could take to achieve each of the following goals: improving the quality of care, adding value to the organization, improving employee morale, designing an efficient organizational chart, creating a strong team environment, and creating the hospital’s competitive advantage.

First, in order to improve the quality of care, Caring Angel Hospital should implement a comprehensive quality management system. This system should include clear guidelines and protocols for all aspects of patient care, such as medication administration, infection control, and patient education. Additionally, regular audits and evaluations should be conducted to identify areas for improvement and ensure that all healthcare providers are adhering to best practices. By focusing on quality improvement, Caring Angel Hospital can enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction, leading to a positive reputation and increased patient base.

Second, to add value to the organization, Caring Angel Hospital should invest in advanced medical technologies and equipment. By having the latest tools and resources, the hospital can offer a wider range of specialized treatments and attract patients who are seeking state-of-the-art care. Additionally, Caring Angel Hospital should consider partnering with other healthcare organizations to provide comprehensive and seamless care to patients. This collaboration can also lead to cost savings and increased efficiency.

Third, improving employee morale is crucial for creating a positive work environment and enhancing patient care. Caring Angel Hospital should implement strategies to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, such as providing opportunities for professional development and recognition programs. Additionally, promoting a culture of teamwork and collaboration can foster a supportive environment where employees feel valued and motivated. Regular communication and feedback sessions should also be conducted to address any concerns or issues that employees may have.

Next, designing an efficient organizational chart is essential for streamlining operations and improving communication within the hospital. Caring Angel Hospital should assess its current organizational structure and identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Based on this assessment, the hospital should restructure departments and roles to ensure clear lines of authority and accountability. Additionally, implementing a cross-functional team approach can facilitate collaboration and problem-solving.

Creating a strong team environment is closely related to improving employee morale and fostering a positive work culture. Caring Angel Hospital should promote teamwork and collaboration through team-building activities and initiatives. This can include regular team meetings, shared goals and objectives, and open communication channels. Encouraging employees to work together and support each other can lead to improved patient outcomes and a more cohesive workforce.

Finally, creating a competitive advantage requires focusing on the unique strengths and capabilities of Caring Angel Hospital. The hospital should identify its key differentiators, such as specialized treatments or a patient-centered approach, and market these strengths to attract new patients. Additionally, conducting market research and analyzing competitor strategies can provide insights into areas where Caring Angel Hospital can excel and differentiate itself from other healthcare providers.

In conclusion, in order to achieve its goals, Caring Angel Hospital should prioritize improving the quality of care, adding value to the organization, improving employee morale, designing an efficient organizational chart, creating a strong team environment, and creating a competitive advantage. By implementing the proposed steps and strategies, Caring Angel Hospital can enhance patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and financial performance.