Innovations in HMIS Technology Assignment

HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment, Innovations in HMIS Technology


Innovations in HMIS Technology

Technology innovations have continued to provide doors for health care companies and consumers. Technology has increased the number of opportunities for fresh testing, study, and exploration. The beneficial nature of new technical breakthroughs in health care has aided in the development of better patient-physician relationships, increased patient safety and satisfaction, and reduced medical mistakes in order to enhance overall health care quality. It is critical to comprehend the purpose of new technology, as well as any potential benefits and drawbacks, the influence it has on digital equity, how the technology is intended to be used, and the introduction and impact the technology is expected to have.


New HMIS Technology

Apple’s new developments include the Apple Watch (AW). In this day and age of wearable technology, the AW has applications that measure heart rate, physical activity, weight management, and other parameters. One of the most current AW series includes several unique features, such as an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor that may identify any unusual heart rhythms, prescription management, and fall detection measures (Seshadri et al., 2020). Although the AW now provides consumers with the benefit of monitoring their health, if physicians could also access these recorded events, health care information would reach a new level of openness, advancement, and quality. Using this new HMIS technology, patients’ outcomes may be shared with their primary care physician or specialist.

The continuous sharing of patient information with providers gives physicians a detailed representation of what is happening when it is happening and for how long, so they can accurately asses patient conditions rather than waiting for an episode to occur in an appointment…

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HCA 360 Week 2 Assignment, Innovations in HMIS Technology


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