NUR 514 Discussion week 1

NUR 514 Discussion week 1


What exactly is value-based healthcare? Maybe you’ve had direct experience with this new approach to healthcare, or maybe you’ve simply heard the word in passing. In any case, you have a lot of questions about how value-based care can influence your day-to-day job as a nurse.

This value-based healthcare breakdown will help you grasp the new system’s benefits and problems, as well as how it may affect nurses across the country.

Evolving trends impacting health care policy and delivery systems:

  • Data propels healthcare facilities’ decision-making.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Recognize patients are also consumers.
  • Cost reduction remains a focus.

NUR 514 Discussion week 1

NUR 514 Topic 1 DQ 1

Discuss the shift to value-based health care and its impact on the roles and responsibilities of advanced registered nurses. What major evolving trends in the health care policy and delivery systems will affect your practice in the next 3-5 years, and how do you think advanced registered nurses leaders will continue to influence the direction of health care?

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