NUR 514 Topic 5 Discussion 1

NUR 514 Topic 5 Discussion 1


The Mayo Clinic Model of Care is a collection of fundamental ideas that have governed our institution since its inception. They are the reason patients visit Mayo Clinic. Many healthcare facilities provide high-quality treatment, but these are the values that distinguish Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic Model of Treatment is distinguished by the provision of high-quality, compassionate medical care in a multispecialty, integrated academic setting. As the practice evolves, the primary focus, satisfying the requirements of the patient, is achieved through adopting the following key aspects (attributes).

Staff collaboration is collegial and cooperative, with multispecialty integration. A team of professionals is available and is being used correctly.

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NUR 514 Topic 5 Discussion 1

Research an organization that uses an innovative model of care. How does this innovative model affect interprofessional collaboration? How might this model contribute to the delivery of cost of effective health care? Make sure to identify the organization and model in your response

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