Nurse-scholars have a significant obligation to their community as well. Their work must have academic and professional integrity. Their efforts are designed to add to the body of knowledge, advance the profession, and ultimately help in the care of patients. Work that lacks integrity is subject to erode quickly or worse. Fortunately, there are strategies and tools that can help ensure integrity in academic and professional work. This Assignment asks you to consider these tools and how you might apply them to your own work. In this Assignment you will continue developing your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan by appending the original document you began in the previous assignment. Using the Academic and Professional Success Development Template you began in Module 1, write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis that includes the following: Expand on your thoughts from Section 1 by identifying and describing strategies you intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics of your: both Section 1 and Section 2 of Part 2. Before submitting your final assignment, you can check your draft for authenticity. To check your draft, access the from the

As nurse-scholars, we have a responsibility to uphold academic and professional integrity in our work. Our efforts in research and scholarship should contribute to the body of knowledge in nursing, advance the profession, and ultimately improve patient care. However, it is important to recognize that work lacking in integrity not only undermines our credibility as nurses and scholars but also jeopardizes the trust in our field. Thus, it is crucial that we employ strategies and tools to ensure integrity in our academic and professional work.

One strategy that I intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics in my work is adhering to high standards of research and scholarship. This includes conducting rigorous literature reviews, using reliable and valid research methods, and presenting accurate and unbiased findings. By following these standards, I can ensure that the information and data I use in my work are reliable and trustworthy, which is essential for maintaining integrity.

Another strategy is to uphold ethical principles and guidelines in all aspects of my work. This includes obtaining informed consent from participants in research studies, respecting their rights and privacy, and ensuring confidentiality. It also involves disclosing any conflicts of interest and avoiding any form of plagiarism or academic misconduct. By adhering to these ethical principles, I can demonstrate integrity in my work and contribute to the ethical standards of the nursing profession.

Furthermore, collaboration and accountability are essential for maintaining integrity in academic and professional work. As a nurse-scholar, I plan to actively engage in collaborations with colleagues, both within and outside my field, to foster a culture of academic integrity. This includes seeking feedback and constructive criticism on my work, as well as providing the same for others. By holding myself accountable to high standards and being open to feedback, I can continuously improve the quality and integrity of my work.

In addition to these strategies, I also recognize the importance of utilizing tools and resources that promote integrity. This includes plagiarism detection software, such as Turnitin, which can help identify any unintentional instances of plagiarism in my work. It also involves utilizing citation management tools, such as EndNote or Zotero, to ensure proper referencing and citation of sources. By utilizing these tools, I can minimize the risk of unintentional errors and ensure the accuracy and integrity of my work.

Overall, maintaining integrity and ethics in academic and professional work is crucial for nurse-scholars. By adhering to high standards of research and scholarship, upholding ethical principles, engaging in collaboration and accountability, and utilizing tools and resources that promote integrity, we can contribute to the advancement of our field and ensure the credibility and trustworthiness of our work. Ensuring integrity in our work is not only essential for our own professional growth and success but also for the overall progress and impact of the nursing profession.