Political Science Question

In this section, we continued to focused on modern politics. Our attention was still placed on how citizens are connected to their government. We studied public opinion and socialization, elections, and voter behavior and political participation. All of these are relevant if our goal is to understand the American political process.

In addition, you have continued to solidify the habit of reading a good credible newspaper or two. At this point, you should start to enjoy and take pride in being an informed and educated citizen.

The purpose of this assignment is to stay with the theme: Why Politics Matters to Me.

Please write an essay in which you demonstrate an understanding of the political realm and why it matters. It is an open-ended assignment. That is, you can take any approach that you want in answering the question: Why Politics Matters To Me. Be sure to include evidence that you recognize and comprehend the topics and issues presented in this section. Also, demonstrate that you follow and understand things happening around you.

To give you some structure the essay:

Will answer the question: Why politics matters to me

Will include evidence that you understand current course content, e.g., public opinion and socialization, elections, political participation

  • Will demonstrate an understanding of the world around you gained by reading real, credible, and sourced newspapers
  • Will demonstrate the interconnectedness of topics and current issues
  • Will comport itself to college level writing including formatting, tone, grammar, and proper citations when necessary
  • Hints:
  • We are looking for quality of work not the number of words

Be self-reflective

Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the subject material