[Solved] NRS 430V Topic 2 Discussion 2

NRS 430V Topic 2 Discussion  2


They show that the nursing profession is highly appreciated by the American people, yet the authors conclude that there is still a nursing shortage in the United States. According to the findings of Kalisch et al. (2007), nurses are seen as competent, skilled, and reputable workers.

A variety of education/credentials, image not being a priority, a lack of leadership development, a lack of professionalism, portrayals in the media and online, patients’ personal experiences, treatment by other professional colleagues, and gender role assumptions were all factors contributing to nursing’s inconsistent image.


NRS 430V Topic 2 Discussion  2



Describe how the nursing profession is viewed by the general public. Discuss factors that influence the public’s perception of nursing? Describe ways to educate the general public on the professional nurse’s role and scope of nursing within a changing health care system.

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