Stream Of Consciousness

Stream Of Consciousness

Answer: Stream Of Consciousness


Definition of Stream of Consciousness

What exactly is a stream of consciousness? Here’s a fast and easy explanation:

Stream of consciousness is a literary style or approach that attempts to depict the natural flow of a character’s lengthy thinking process, frequently via the use of sensory sensations, unfinished ideas, unique syntax, and sloppy grammar.

Stream of consciousness; Writing allows readers to “listen in” on the thoughts of a character. The technique frequently involves the unconventional use of language in an attempt to replicate the complicated pathways that thoughts take as they unfold and move through the mind. In a nutshell, it is the use of language to simulate the “streaming” nature of “conscious” thought (thus “stream of consciousness”). Stream of consciousness can be written in both the first and third person.

Question: Stream Of Consciousness

What is a stream of consciousness? Psychology question.

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