Teamwork in Nursing Essay.


Human civilization is when a society or group of people achieve a higher state of social development. All human civilization is solely based on human interaction. We use the power of voice by communicating using a language to organize ourselves so that we can work efficiently. Building a human civilization demands organization which is achieved through teamwork. Therefore, teamwork is important if we want to progress in whatever we do. This article will guide you on how you will write a successful teamwork in nursing essay that will impress your readers.

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Teamwork and Collaboration in Nursing Program.

In nursing, teamwork is more crucial, it ensures that nurses and other medical staff work together to provide better medical care to the patients. Teamwork in nursing essay is a nursing essay that aims to discuss how to improve teamwork and collaboration and why it is important in nursing practice.

Upon completion of teamwork and collaboration in a nursing course, the student is required to have gained the following:

  • The learner should be able to identify effective communication strategies to enhance relationships in the workplace.
  • The nursing student should be able to discuss Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of a team and the positive characteristics of each.
  • Additionally, the learner should also appreciate the importance of a culture of mutual respect in the workplace. i.e students are familiarized with cultural competence in nursing and its benefits.
  • The learner should understand the impact of interprofessional collaboration on positive health care outcomes.
  • Nursing students should be able to utilize TeamSTEPPS® tools to enhance patient safety.

Teamwork and Collaboration Course in Nursing Programs.

The purpose of a teamwork and collaboration course in a nursing program is to discuss effective communication strategies, the importance of workplace respect, and the potential benefits of multidisciplinary care and collaboration for nurses. During this program, the nursing students are required to write a teamwork in nursing essay. This teamwork in nursing essay is used to grade the students and determines whether the nursing student fails or passes in the final exams. Additionally, nursing students are required to possess great academic writing skills and research skills to ace in this teamwork in nursing essay.

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What is Teamwork in Nursing Essay?

Teamwork in nursing essay means that nurses will try to unite, using their individual skills and providing constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between individuals.

Therefore, teamwork in nursing is very crucial in today’s business-oriented world. It is considered one of the primary factors that drives successful medical organizations. Thus, everyone needs to work successfully with one another. To achieve effective teamwork in a healthcare facility, the medical staff working the hospital should have good problem-solving skills, decision-making, communication and interpersonal skills.

To achieve effective teamwork, nurses have to embrace a number of soft skills. This demands them to voice their opinions, deal with aggressive personalities, and work through differences. Most importantly, everyone must take a personal responsibility to deliver better results.

Are you wondering how you can identify teamwork in a nursing essay?

The following are the 8 characteristics that make up effective teamwork in nursing:

  1. People in a great team know that they are not solo. Therefore, they don’t waste time and effort trying to achieve personal gain at expense of the team goals.
  2. Individuals working on a team have to build trust and are encouraged to express themselves openly. Thus, they feel free to ask questions which makes them more creative when solving problems.
  3. Team members are always loyal to a great team because they feel ownership for their job and team. Thus, they have a personal investment into the team making them to focus on being more productive for the team’s sake.
  4. A great team inspires individual members to apply their individual talent and knowledge to team objectives; thus, members contribute to the organization’s success
  5. All team members practice open communication with each other. Thus, ensuring that they understand each other. This helps to foster a climate of trust among the team members.
  6. A great team encourages members to learn on the job and develop new skills. Teams support members that want to learn and become more efficient. This directly affects overall performance and is the difference between success and failure.
  7. Decision-making involves the entire team. However, they understand that the team leader will decide if they cannot find a solution.
  8. A great team resolves conflicts quickly and constructively. Team members are comfortable being open with each other and communicating freely.


How to Promote Teamwork in Healthcare Facilities.

Nurse managers should know how to promote teamwork in nursing in order to improve patient outcomes. This is because nurses are at the frontline of a patient’s recovery journey. Thus, in order to deliver better quality of care to patients, healthcare facilities should aim to a great good teamwork in the nursing staff.

Teamwork in nursing essay emphasizes shared goals that guide a great team in an integrated way. This cooperation aims to draw out and use every team member’s unique skills and strengths to a better quality of care delivered to patients.

At the front of promoting nursing teamwork, advanced registered nurses and FNPs stand. There are several characteristics that make good FNPs which are also important for nursing team leaders. FNPs and nurse team leaders can promote nursing teamwork by exercising these carefully developed skills and personal qualities to:

  • Facilitate effective communication.
  • Handle conflict among team members.
  • Motivate team members to do their best.
  • Expand a team to include other areas of expertise.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities.

The following are the main components that make successful teamwork in nursing essay:

  • Open communication.
  • Clear direction
  • Clear and known roles and tasks for team members
  • Respectful atmosphere
  • Shared responsibility for team success
  • Clear specifications regarding authority and accountability
  • Mechanism to evaluate outcomes and adjust accordingly

How Teamwork Helps Patients.

Teamwork in nursing essay is very crucial in a healthcare facility. The following are some ways in which teamwork in nursing essay helps patients:

  • Enhance patient safety.
  • Improve clinical performance.
  • Cut down on medical errors.
  • Ease patient concerns about treatments and procedures.
  • Raise efficiency and lower healthcare costs.

Communication Skills Every Nurse Must Have.

It is important that nurses competently communicate with team members. Additionally, effective communication skills help nurses to perform better patient assessments.

The following are some great communication skills that every nurse should have:

  • Active listening
  • Awareness of nonverbal cues
  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Constructive feedback
  • Honesty and courtesy
  • Empathy
  • Verbal clarity

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Listening Skills Nurses Use to Perform Efficient Patient Assessments.

To better perform patient assessments, nurses should have good listening skills. The following are some listening skills that nurses should have:

  • Stay relaxed.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Sit at the bedside facing the patient.
  • Refrain from making judgments or criticizing the patient.
  • Keep from interrupting patients while they are talking, and wait for pauses to ask questions.
  • Repeat back to patients what they have said.

Importance of Communication and Teamwork in Nursing Essay.

Communication and teamwork in nursing have several benefits, some these benefits include:

  1. Improving patient satisfaction and outcomes
  2. Higher job satisfaction.
  3. Increased professional accountability in nursing.
  4. Lower rates of job turnover.
  5. Improved engagement in the workplace.

5 benefits of communication and teamwork in nursing essay.

The following are the five benefits of teamwork in nursing essay.

Improving patient satisfaction and outcomes

Healthcare professionals serve patients not as individual providers, but as multidisciplinary teams with nurses, primary care physicians, and specialists. Generally, every individual on the team works together toward the common goal of enhancing the patient’s health and providing the highest possible level of care. This teamwork in healthcare directly impacts the patient’s satisfaction and outcome.

Additionally, nurses who communicate regularly with the patient’s physicians and therapists, offer a more personalized level of care. Organized methods of communication keep nurses aware of all current treatment plans so they can monitor their patients’ progress accurately. Thus, leading to provision of better planned and quality nursing care to the patients.

Higher job satisfaction.

A nursing career may present possible challenges, from long hours to high-stress situations. Thus, it is essential for nursing professionals to maintain a high level of job satisfaction by stress in nursing that causes potential burnout. According to a study done by the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, it demonstrated that nurses who are more satisfied with their jobs provide better care. Therefore, according to the research report, teamwork in nursing is closely associated with higher job satisfaction.

Increased professional accountability.

Effective teamwork in nursing contributes directly to accountability in nursing. Daily huddles enhance this by keeping nurses in the loop and reinforcing changes to policies and procedures. In hospitals and other healthcare environments where team huddles are held less frequently, accountability suffers, according to Nurse Journal.

Thus, nursing responsibility can also benefit from teamwork on a smaller scale. Nurses who have attentive supervisors on their teams or partners who check and assess their work typically have more accountability. Organized chains of communication within these teams help communicate patient complaints or incidents effectively to those who are in a position to make meaningful changes. This is critical in the healthcare field, where errors can have a huge negative impact on patient outcomes.

Lower rates of job turnover.

Employee turnover is a major problem in hospitals. Higher job satisfaction decreases turnover. Thus, better teamwork can contribute to lower turnover.

Improved engagement in the workplace.

Employee engagement is closely linked to workplace relationships. Nurse engagement is improved when they know the people in their workgroup will not give up in the face of difficulties. Therefore, it is important to have nurses who are highly engaged in the workplace because they are usually more motivated to provide high levels of care. This can help combat the issue of burnout and to reduce employee turnover in the healthcare sector.

Steps to Write a Successful Teamwork in Nursing Essay.

Step 1: Set up the pillar of your teamwork in nursing essay.

Step 2: Create an outline for your nursing essay.

Step 3: Create a good template for your teamwork in nursing essay project.

Step 4: Update your research work.

Step 5: Create a strong thesis.

Step 6: Organize your research paper well.

Step 7: A captivating conclusion.

Benefits of teamwork in nursing essay

The following simple steps will enable nursing students to write a good teamwork in nursing essay. These steps include:

Step 1: Set up the pillar of your teamwork in nursing essay.

Do your research before starting to write your teamwork in nursing essay.

Step 2: Create an outline for your nursing essay.

Designing a good outline for your teamwork in nursing essay.

  • Place your strong thesis statement at the beginning.
  • Note down all the major points that support your thesis.
  • List the supporting arguments for each major point.
  • Continue to sub-divide each supporting idea until your outline is fully developed.

Step 3: Create a good template for your teamwork in nursing essay project.

Step 4: Update your research work.

Step 5: Create a strong thesis.


Features of a strong thesis statement.

  1. A strong thesis statement justifies the discussion.
  2. It should express only one main idea.
  3. It should be specific.

Reasons to have a strong thesis statement in your teamwork in nursing essay.

  1. To evaluate your ideas by decomposing them into one or two.
  2. It enables better organizing and development of your research paper.
  3. To provide your reader with a “map” of your research paper.

Step 6: Organize your research paper well.

The main parts of teamwork in nursing essay.

Step 7: A captivating conclusion.

Write a brief and precise conclusion. It should be 2-3 sentences. A good introduction should briefly summarize your teamwork in a nursing essay or restate your thesis statement. Make sure your conclusion is interesting to entice your readers as some readers first read the conclusion before reading your essay.

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