The Case Study will be at least 1600 words, 12-point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced. In case you are wondering, that is about six pages. For Report 1, let us go back to Week 2 Theories of Accident Causation, use the article you selected as a starting point for this report. APA 7th edition in-text citations and end-of-text references are . I am requiring a title page or abstract. The document will have an Introduction; answer the following five questions and a summary/conclusion section. End of text references will not be counted in the word count. 1. Describe the situation presented; provide background information related to the topic. Including basic issue(s) and the relationship among them. 2. Develop a detailed chronology of events- both major events and those that seem, on first reading, relatively minor. 3. Identify the relevant stakeholders and describe each stakeholder’s problem, goals, demands, and concerns. 4. Describe the immediate outcome of this case. 5. Describe the long-term impact/outcome of this case. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE

Title: Analysis of a Workplace Accident: Ill Steel Company

This case study aims to analyze a fatal workplace accident that occurred at the Ill Steel Company, based on the article “Ill Steel Company Pleads Guilty in Death of Employee” (ISHN, 2021). The incident raises important issues relating to safety measures and accident causation within industrial settings. By examining the situation presented and its subsequent outcomes, this report will provide an understanding of the accident’s causes, stakeholders involved, and the short-term and long-term impact of the event.

1. Description of the Situation and Background Information:
The Ill Steel Company faced a tragic incident resulting in the death of one of its employees. The article reveals that the company pleaded guilty to charges related to the accident. It is important to provide background information about the Ill Steel Company, its operations, and the nature of the accident to gain a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

The Ill Steel Company is a prominent steel manufacturing firm located in a state known for its heavy industrial presence. The company engages in producing a wide range of steel products, employing hundreds of workers in different roles. As part of its operations, the company uses heavy machinery, including cranes, conveyor systems, and other equipment vital to steelmaking.

The workplace accident at Ill Steel Company involved an employee, whose identity remains undisclosed. The accident occurred when the employee was operating one of the company’s cranes. According to the article, the employee was fatally injured due to an equipment malfunction during this operation.

2. Development of a Detailed Chronology of Events:
To gain a comprehensive understanding of the accident and its causes, it is crucial to develop a detailed chronology of events. This includes identifying the major events leading up to the accident, as well as seemingly minor incidents that may have contributed to the overall outcome.

The chronology of events leading to the accident will involve a thorough examination of the maintenance and inspection procedures of the crane involved. This analysis will include not only the immediate events preceding the incident but also any prior incidents or issues related to the malfunctioning equipment. Documenting these events will help identify any patterns or ongoing problems within the Ill Steel Company’s safety practices.

3. Identification of Relevant Stakeholders:
Stakeholders play a vital role in understanding the context of an accident and its consequences. Identification of relevant stakeholders allows for an examination of their problems, goals, demands, and concerns in relation to the incident. These stakeholders may include the Ill Steel Company, its employees, regulatory bodies, and the victim’s family, among others.

The Ill Steel Company, as the employer, holds the primary responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment for its employees. Their problem in this case revolves around the failure to prevent the accident and abide by safety regulations. Additionally, they may face legal consequences and reputational damage due to their guilty plea.

The employees of the Ill Steel Company may have concerns about their own safety and may demand stricter adherence to safety protocols and better training programs to prevent similar accidents in the future. Regulatory bodies, such as occupational safety and health agencies, may play a critical role in investigating the accident and ensuring that corrective measures are implemented.

The victim’s immediate family is also a relevant stakeholder, as they face emotional distress and potential financial hardships as a result of the accident. Their concerns may revolve around seeking justice, compensation, and ensuring that the company takes adequate steps to prevent similar accidents in the future.

4. Description of the Immediate Outcome:
The immediate outcome of the case refers to the actions taken and the consequences faced by the entities involved immediately after the accident. In this context, it includes the response of the Ill Steel Company, regulatory actions, and potential legal implications stemming from the accident.

Following the incident, the Ill Steel Company pleaded guilty to charges related to the accident. This plea carries immediate consequences, including legal penalties and potential fines. Furthermore, the company’s reputation may be significantly impacted, leading to potential business consequences, such as loss of contracts and customers.

5. Description of the Long-Term Impact:
The long-term impact of the case encompasses the lasting consequences, changes, or improvements resulting from the accident. It reflects the extent to which the incident has influenced safety practices in the Ill Steel Company and possibly the broader industry.

The long-term impact will depend on the measures implemented by the company in response to the accident. It may include enhanced safety protocols, improved training programs, and stricter adherence to regulations. The incident might also lead to increased regulatory oversight and consequent modifications in industry-wide safety regulations.

In summary, this case study will analyze the workplace accident at the Ill Steel Company, focusing on the background information, chronology of events, relevant stakeholders, immediate outcome, and long-term impact. By examining these aspects, a comprehensive understanding of the accident causation and its consequences will be provided, enabling the identification of areas for improvement and prevention of similar incidents in the future.