LDR 600 Week 1 Discussion 1 Leadership as a Vocation

Week 1 Discussion 1 Leadership as a Vocation


Discussion 1, Leadership as a Vocation

This post is part of an online course on Leadership as a Vocation from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago. Course Instructor: Peter McCord

Today we are going to talk about the concept of leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. We will define

This week’s discussion will address the strengths of good and poor leaders in an organization. A leader is an individual who directs the group toward a specific purpose or goal. Leaders are often in positions of power, authority, and belief.

This lecture provides an overview of the course objectives, structure, and learning outcomes for the course. It also presents some students’ perspectives as to what they think leadership is as well as two models that can be used to study it.

In this course, we focus on the ethical dilemmas to which leaders are most vulnerable and on ways in which leaders can improve their skills to deal with these dilemmas. So for instance, Jim Collins and Donald Sull are very interested in the question of whether leaders have a choice about their actions or if they are not morally responsible for outcomes because they cannot choose to act in another way under the circumstances. One of the questions that has come up and that I think we will discuss more is whether leadership is the result of situational forces and whether leaders have no control over their actions. In other words, we could say there are differences between a leader who is “good” and one who is not, but what makes them good or bad is how they respond to situations as opposed to a choice or an ability to respond differently.


Week 1 Discussion 1 Leadership as a Vocation

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