Windshield Survey( Hialeah, Miami, or Miami Beach) Assignment Guidelines A. Windshield Survey The Windshield Survey is comprised of general qualitative observations that give you a snapshot of the community that you can capture as you drive/walk through the community. The demographic data can be obtained online, through the public library, county or township administration buildings. Please address the following in a narrative format following APA guidelines: 1.  Geographical description · Boundaries, geographical, political, or economic, how is it seen. · Housing an zoning · Sign of decay 2. Health Resources a. Type of services available: health department, private MD, dentist, hospital clinic, b. pharmacy, health promotion, mental health c. School and occupational health services d. Official and voluntary services e. Self help and support groups f. Service organizations, faith-based programs g. Stores (grocery, retail, drug, dry cleaning, etc. h. Transportation 3. Citizen safety and protective services a. Police and fire b. Shelters for victims of abuse c. Others: neighborhood watch etc. 4. Services provided by senior citizens senior centers, meals on wheels, transportation, day care, long term care. ​a. Parks and recreational areas 5. Community welfare services beyond city/state aid as provisions for emergency food, shelter and clothing. Below please see the rubric that will be used to grade your survey and due date instructions. Assignment must be presented in an essay style using APA format in the required Arial 12 font with minimum of 1000 words.

Windshield surveys are an essential tool for community assessments and can provide valuable insight into the overall health and well-being of a community. In this assignment, we will focus on conducting a windshield survey of either Hialeah, Miami, or Miami Beach. The purpose of this survey is to gather qualitative observations about the community as we drive or walk through it. Additionally, we will gather demographic data, which can be obtained through various sources such as online resources, public libraries, or local government buildings. This assignment will follow the narrative format and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA).

The first aspect to address in the windshield survey is the geographical description of the chosen community. We will examine the boundaries of the community, whether they are defined by geographical, political, or economic factors. It is important to understand how the community is seen in terms of its geographical location and the impact it has on the residents. Additionally, we will assess the housing and zoning of the community, looking for any signs of decay or neglect that may be present.

The second area of focus is the availability of health resources within the community. This includes the types of services available, such as health departments, private medical and dental practices, hospital clinics, and pharmacies. We will also look for any programs or services related to health promotion and mental health. Additionally, we will assess the presence of school and occupational health services, as well as official and voluntary services. It is also important to identify any self-help and support groups that may be available to the residents. Furthermore, we will investigate the presence of service organizations and faith-based programs, as well as the availability of stores such as grocery, retail, drug, and dry cleaning. Finally, we will assess the transportation options available to the community in order to access these health resources.

The third aspect of the windshield survey focuses on citizen safety and protective services. We will examine the presence of police and fire departments in the community, as well as any shelters available for victims of abuse. Additionally, we will explore any other safety initiatives, such as neighborhood watch programs, that may be present within the community.

The fourth area of focus is the services provided for senior citizens within the community. This includes senior centers, programs like Meals on Wheels, transportation services, and day care options. It is important to assess the resources available to support and meet the needs of the senior population.

The fifth aspect of the survey involves evaluating the community welfare services beyond city and state aid. This includes provisions for emergency food, shelter, and clothing. It is important to identify any community organizations or programs that provide these essential resources to those in need.

In conclusion, this assignment requires conducting a windshield survey of either Hialeah, Miami, or Miami Beach. The survey will involve gathering qualitative observations about the community, as well as obtaining demographic data from various sources. The narrative format should adhere to APA guidelines, including using the required Arial 12 font and a minimum of 1000 words. By conducting this windshield survey, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of the community’s health resources, citizen safety services, services for senior citizens, and community welfare services. This information will provide valuable insights into the overall well-being of the chosen community and help identify areas for improvement or further exploration.